This chapter argues that teachable moments that are highly predictable and closely relevant to planned curriculum are the most important type of teachable moments for teachers to master. In the case of collateral teachable moments, where teachable moments exhibit high predictability but distant curriculum relevance, collateral learning becomes the pedagogical focus. When discussing the idea of collateral learning in relation to the idea of teachable moments, care must be taken to distinguish different senses of "collateral learning." Expanding the idea of a teachable moment to include teachable moments that are predictable in their occurrence opens the possibility of discussing the creation of teachable moments. As creatable teachable moments become the focus of attention it is important to keep in mind that teachable moments in all the quadrants are teachable moments, events during which students exhibit intense willingness to learn. The fact that teachable moments have traditionally been understood as inherently spontaneous has kept theoretization of creatable teachable moments underdeveloped.