The philosophy of Ubuntu and praxis of ubuntu-thinking, with its strength in African communalism and humanism, run counter to Western ways of being and knowing. The potential of an ubuntu saturated philosophy of life and education, in the West can revolutionize the being-doing and engender social harmony through “good human relationships increase human value, trust and dignity”. Motivated by the fact that South Africa is the only country to utilize Ubuntu as the foundation of its modern constitution, C. B. Gade conducted a study to understand the South African conception of Ubuntu. Ubuntu as a philosophy, worldview, African humanism, or as an ethic is best reinforced in illustrative quotes. Ubuntu is an ancient African philosophy that spans “from the Nubian dessert to the Cape of Good Hope and from Senegal to Zanzibar”. Gade provides an historical analysis of ubuntu in written discourses; namely, in the social transformation movements of post-colonial Africa.