(re)Thinking as (non)methodological inquiry is a rendezvous with both “philosophy and disciplinary knowledge that leads us to the rethinking of ontological, epistemological and ethical notions”. (re)Thinking as (non)method works against the colonizing forces of the positivist regime through an engagement of “creative methodological stammering”—the employment of an array of methodological and epistemological tools to (re)imagine or to (re)think an absent present-future. Philosophical research or philosophy as method “provides bricoleurs with the dangerous knowledge of the multivocal results of humans’ desire to understand, to know themselves and the world”. Thinking, asserts Braidotti, “is living at a higher degree, at a faster pace, in a multi directional manner”. (re)Thinking as (non)method is “inquiry as in-betweeness, multiplicity that is not a component or a collection”. Thinking with theory is an attempt to de-center humanist qualitative research al a Patti Lather and Elizabeth St. Pierre.