In this chapter, the author focuses on aspect of neoliberal governmentality—the phenomenon of 'co-creation', as popularized by C. K. Prahalad and V. Ramaswamy. He also focuses on the link that M. Foucault establishes in The Birth of Biopolitics between neoliberalism and the conception of market logic that is explicated within Austrian value theory. The author argues that "prosumers" or consumers as co-creators can also be viewed as self-regulating subjects, but subjects that are conceived to share in the process of production and to collaborate democratically in value-creating activity. He frames the theme of "co-creation" in the terms by considering its relationship with both the Information Technology and Communication sectors and the Creative Industries. The author investigates the role of computational ontologies in the framing and integration of scientific and business-related practices. Many social theorists had abandoned phenomenology under influence of Post-Structuralist critiques of strains of thought that they accuse of "phallologocentrism" and a "Philosophy of Full Presence".