In this chapter, the author reviews Foucault's interpretation of neoliberalism in The Birth of Biopolitics, especially where he highlights the difference between classical liberalism and the neoliberalism of the Austro-German and Chicago school traditions. He focuses on the links that he establishes between Austrian economics and Husserlian Phenomenology. The author begins some observations on Whitehead's notion of Creativity, segueing into a consideration of how the notion of creativity has been deployed in the United Kingdom context to identify creative occupations and industries. He examines the relationship between creativity and digitization in more philosophical terms. The author also examines Alfred North Whitehead's conceptions of creativity, which leads on to Alan Freeman's Marxist-influenced analysis of its role in the identification of the creative industries. The author considers Heidegger's analysis of "The Question Concerning Technology", where he identifies two glaring omissions or elisions in his analysis.