The airline is a domestic carrier in Australia. The fleet consists of five twin-engine, wide-body aircraft, and nine twin-engine narrow-body aircraft. The capacity of the wide-body aircraft is 300 seats and the narrow-body aircraft 180 seats. Minimum turnaround time between passenger flights for wide-body aircraft is 60 minutes and for narrow-body aircraft is 35 minutes. The Integrated Operations Centre's (IOC’s) Meteorological section has been aware of imminent thunderstorms during the morning and forewarned of the most likely impact time. The scan not only looks at the imminent arrivals but extends across each pattern to assess the potential consequential impact should they be disrupted. The received information may reveal the status of many of the aircraft, but often the information comes through spasmodically, or not at all, in which case it must be sought from the appropriate area. Delaying decisions at this point will render some options unavailable, as the decision-making window can be extremely small in domestic disruptions.