The chapter focuses on eliminating sources of unevenness and leveling production schedules. It discusses leveling production schedules for pull production and mixed-model production (MMP). MMP requires flexible operations, cross-trained workers, strong emphasis on quality assurance, and small-lot delivery of incoming materials. Benefits include process improvement and reduced losses from line changeovers and material shortages. The chapter also discusses production scheduling in different manufacturing environments—make to stock, make to order, and assemble to order—and ways to minimize costs and scheduling disruptions in nonpull and make-to-order systems. Plants that make a variety of different products typically use batch production. The frequent changeovers between different products and different size batches result in variation in the daily workload of every department and work center—uneven production schedules. For level production to be practical, three requirements or conditions must be met. These include: stable product demand; shortened setups demand; matching production demand.