This chapter presents an overview of the Northside neighbourhood. It outlines the council's strategic and localized regeneration strategy and examines the consultation processes and participatory structures that put in place to facilitate community involvement in decision-making. In overall terms, decision-making within Northside constituted what may be termed a model of pragmatic pluralism. The chapter discusses to an examination of the nature of community power, as interpreted and experienced by Northside Community Forum (NCF) members and institutional agents. The NCF's community power extended to securing changes to both local and central government policies. The chapter considers the significance of 'race' in relation to its impacts on community participation and within the overall regeneration process. It concludes the overall pattern of community power and the significance of 'race' within Northside. The 'real' acid test of the significance of 'race' within the NCF and the regeneration process in overall terms is the views and experiences of community activists.