The Staff Questionnaire contained a number of scales measuring the job satisfaction of respondents and their experience of particular aspects of their work environment, as well as a measure of mental distress. The questionnaire sought factual information about the respondent's background, training, experience, pay and conditions of service. It also included the General Health Questionnaire-12, a job satisfaction scale, several scales designed to reflect the respondent's experience of being employed in the home, and the Sheltered Care Environment Scale. The determining factor appeared to be the extent to which managers thought it important to involve staff in learning or thinking about their work. A number of questionnaire items concerned pay and conditions of service. Since many people are reluctant to answer questions about money it was not surprising to find that some respondents refused to give this information. The majority had no job-related qualifications of any kind. There were 81 with various nursing qualifications and 40 NVQ participants.