Whilst food and drinks must be Halal, or Shariah-compliant, most technology and other products do not need to be classified as Halal products. Examples include mobile phones, watches, jewellery, transportation, and so on. Nonetheless they are heavily promoted and sold as Islamic products. The terms Mattaa and Zenah describe the worldly uses or purposes of these products. Mataa comes from an Arabic word which means fun and joy while Zenah refers to products as means of beautification and adornment. While tangibility refers to the physical existence and discernibility of attributes or features such as colour, size and weight through one or more senses, intangibility has been defined in terms of the abstract, beneficial and subjective attributes of the product. Islamic scholars, who cannot be called scholars unless they are also knowledgeable about the Arabic language, have introduced several closely related definitions of what Taiyyibat means.