Al Islami's business is being continuously diversified as the company enters into new businesses building on its strength in the food industry. Many countries in the world, both Muslim and non-Muslim, are making substantial investments to become regional Halal hubs that provide special manufacturing centres as well as systems for Halal logistics in order to maintain product purity during shipping. Traditionally, what has been considered to determine whether a product is Halal or not was the final stages of production where the process and ingredients are ensured to be compliant with principles of Islamic Shariah; not much attention was paid to the supply chain as a whole. Governments around the world are increasingly realizing the importance of Halal logistics to the establishment of a Halal industry that can compete successfully within the sophisticated Halal market. Sellers are coming to realize that carrying non-Halal items on their shelves limits their market reach since Muslims will be discouraged from dealing with them.