Religious brands like Halal and kosher can capture a craving for purity that goes beyond the religious duty of their faithful adherents. The vast majority of kosher customers are not of the Jewish faith and, likewise, many Shariah-compliant firms reveal that not all of their customers are Muslims. This chapter provides a better understanding of Islamic branding through conceptualizing the terms relevant to firms' brand Islamization efforts. In order to engage the Halal market, firms need to employ brand Islamization strategies based on information obtained from the Islamic market, including customers, competitors and the business environment. Branding has its value in commerce and its leads to better commercial communication, to understanding the needs of an audience, or building long-term relationships with consumers. Islamic brands that base their appeal strictly on being Shariah-compliant are currently concentrated in the finance and food sectors and, to a lesser degree, in the growing sector of Halal logistics.