This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts discussed in the previous chapters of this book. The book attempts to trace elements of the trajectory of the Continental and English literary Renaissance pertaining to the phenomenon of literary circles, especially women's participation in them, in hopes of underscoring Claude J. Summers and Ted-Larry Pebworth's argument. It focuses on a broad scope of literary circle activities, including conversations and debates over a variety of topics, such as those inspired by the questioni d'amore and the Querelle des femmes, game playing, poetry contests, story-telling, singing, playing musical instruments, and manuscript circulation. The book examines the ways in which texts by Italian, French, and English writers interact historically and intertextually when considered in the contexts of specific circles. But there are clearly many fascinating questions yet to be explored, especially regarding the influence of Continental literary circles and works by Continental women writers on English circles and English writers.