In this chapter, Anna Sheather outlines her practice in detail, providing a comprehensive guide to coaching with art, whether it forms the central coaching approach or is part of a repertoire of approaches. Examples from the coaching case studies are included to demonstrate coaching with art in practice, including comments and insights by Anna Sheather’s clients and the images they have created.

When coaching with art, many of the usual coaching practices apply; however, there are some practices that need to be adapted and there are some new ones that need to be adopted. These practices are covered in depth, guiding the coach from contracting for coaching with art through to the final session and closing out a coaching-with-art programme. Within this is guidance on preparing for coaching with art, which exercise to introduce, running a session using Anna Sheather’s five-stage approach to facilitating the image making process and the exploration of that image. Anna Sheather also looks at managing yourself as the coach in the coaching with art space, overcoming clients’ potential barriers to working in this way and the issues around the boundaries and ethics of coaching with art.