Campania in the early 1980s was not a pleasant region: day after day, the newspapers reported the latest deaths as if it were a battlefield; in fact it was a war zone. Two Camorra ideologies and organizations were conducting a bloody war for supremacy over the territory, its economic activities and political system; in other words, over the future development of the Campania underworld and, more importantly, its future deals. The latest reports suggest that a pact has been agreed between these warring factions and that the third Camorra war may be over. This chapter presents an analysis of the dominant Camorras in the last twenty years that confirms our hypothesis that during that period an extraordinary transformation occurred. Today new opportunities are available and new changes are taking place: since the disintegration of the USSR and Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, Naples has acquired a new geopolitical status and has become a hub for illegal immigrants and prostitution.