This chapter analyzes the different sides to the Carnorra's 'iron pact' with politics and shows that in the 1950s, the politics-Camorra relationship was an unorganized, casual, informal and unsystematic exchange between individual agents and was dominated by the politicians. In the 1980s, it became an efficient, systematic, and effective money-making exchange between sub-systems and dominated by the Camorra clans. There was a new dynamic behind the exchange: the Camorra had taken over, had brought in businessmen as the justification for the deviation of public funds and had come to dominate the politicians' corrupt clientelistic exchange. Their economic interests were in complete symbiosis; their exchange was an 'iron pact' between sub-systems. But the Camorra largely dominated this exchange because of the money and violence that it could freely use to intimidate and manipulate the exchange. In the new millennium, the hinterland Camorra has already found within the space of a few years new representatives to participate in its corrupt exchange.