The people of Shamirpet worship all the major gods of the Hindu pantheon, but many of their cults distinctly belong to the complex of ritual that can be regarded as peculiar to peninsular India. The nature of rituals connected with the human life-cycle has been very considerably influenced by the Sanskritic ritual of all-India Hinduism, but it continues to be characterized by some distinctive regional peculiarities. The Godavari is among the rivers whose sanctity and importance have been enhanced by prominent mention in Hindu scriptures. Along with the great gods of all-India Hinduism the people also continue to observe cults associated with regional and local deities and goddesses. Three major types of religious ceremonies and festivals are observed in the community; family ceremonies, village ceremonies, and caste ceremonies. The chapter presents the ritual cycle of the community covering the festivals and ceremonies within a normal calendar year, and the rites and observances concerning the major crises of life.