Some key disciplinary points of reference are mapped before sailing out into a differently imagined place of uncertain crossing. Some conventional decolonising strategies are summarised. The analogy between their goals of democratic governance, particularly associated with the reclamation of environmental ties, and the geographical figure of the archipelago is discussed. In comparison with the mountainous island chains of Indonesia, the majority of Polynesian, Melanesian and Micronesian archipelagos consist of atolls, islets and even intertidal reefs. 'Reciprocal exchange between clans and moieties is present in all aspects of Bororo life.' Even within the history of cartography radically different ways of representing coastlines, islands, passages and ports exist; in older mapping conventions, relationality is visualised and even rates of relative movement; elements aggregate into creative regions. Envisaged is also a cross-disciplinary place where the negotiation of exchange rates is rendered possible through the medium of mythopoetic innovation.