Several months elapsed, and during that period nothing had been heard of Snavel or his whereabout, nor had Wisp or myself once chanced to encounter the unfortunate Wilmot, who, for aught we knew, or indeed cared, had long since gone to that bourne whence no traveller returns,301 by a conveyance of his own making. Several changes had however occurred in the internal arrangements of the Magpie and Punchbowl. e inexplicable Grimes, whose fortuitous existence at that establishment might to some, at least, have been supposed to be voluntarily prolonged for a certain purpose, took the opportunity one morning of making plain to the meanest capacity his particular object in thus sojourning at a place where, as was grievously apparent on the wainscot in the bar,302 an inordinate quantity of chalk had been wasted in the registration of refreshment, which, as it so turned out, had only served to pamper his vital energies towards the feat he now took upon himself to accomplish. To speak plainly, Jack Grimes eloped with Miss Betsy Malkin one day, most unceremoniously taking leave, – and everything else that he could either by himself or by his conjugal proxy contrive to bear away from the premises.