Having religiously observed the injunctions of my uncle, contained in the document, a copy of which I have laid before the reader, not forgetting the bequest to Mrs. Nimblejaw, I proceeded to secure the furniture and all other valuables from the furtive ngers of the neighbourhood; and so arranged the evidence o ered to the Coroner’s inquest508 by Mrs. Nimblejaw and myself, as to cause them to bring in a verdict of ‘accidental death.’ But as there is in human nature a prevailing querulousness, and an unaccountable propensity to lay the fault pertaining, or supposed to pertain to any casualty, upon somebody; or in default of being able to nd somebody, upon something; so these grave quidnuncs509 caused a deodand510 of ve shillings to be levied upon the rope wherewith the unfortunate man had, as they supposed, been trying such hazardous conclusions.