First performed at the Vaudeville Theatre, London, 13 October 1914 with the following cast.

Samuel Woodhouse

Frederick Ross

John Woodhouse. His eldest son

Owen Nares 1

Lionel Woodhouse. His second son

Jack Hobbs

Percy Woodhouse. His third son

Hayford Hobbs

Dorothy Woodhouse. His eldest daughter

Miss Dora Harker

Mabel Woodhouse. His second daughter

Miss Dorothea Desmond

Katherine Woodhouse. His third daughter

Miss Agnes Glynne

Mrs. Woodhouse. His wife

Miss Mary Rorke

Judith Woodhouse. John’s wife

Miss Barbara Everest

Major Paget

Athol Stewart


Val Gurney

Mrs. Pinhouse. The cook

Miss Hannah Jones

Moffat. Parlour-maid

Miss Gladys Preston

Time: Present day.