One of the most crucial aspects of conversation is how journalist prompt others. With media, journalists have to be a lot quieter because, guess what, the camera now picks up their comments for all the world to hear. There are two main types of phrase, words and expressions that keep conversations, and interviews, going—one for the source and one for the interviewer. The exception to the comments are video and audio interviews, where the reporter's own interjections intended to keep the conversation going will actually doom the soundbites, as journalists' will interrupt their source's words. Noisy print interview locations mean the reporter may have trouble transcribing his/her notes. Video is shot in wide, medium and tight sequences, but interviews need to be shot close so reporter can see "the whites of their eyes," to coin a term from Old Westerns. Video bombers, sudden loud noises, people crossing behind or in front of journalists' subject will all impact their video interview.