This chapter discusses the all-important intelligence analysis issue of operations security (OPSEC), these events and occurrences must be considered and discussed for instructional purposes, or in effect, subject to a type of After Action Review. The OPSEC process denies adversarial government’s access to information about the capabilities and intentions of the United States government. In OPSEC there are two related concepts, intelligence and counterintelligence. The well-known "red teams," though often manned and conducted by special operations personnel, are normally organized and supervised by counterintelligence operations. Open-source intelligence is counterintelligence-monitored, but as stated, not easily controlled. All service members are given regular OPSEC briefings and, depending on their assignment, are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement verifying their knowledge of OPSEC and the penalties associated with divulging information. In applying the appropriate OPSEC measures, the immediate objective of "mission success" must take precedence.