This chapter discusses the analyst in orienting themselves to focus on the needs of the intelligence consumer when "defining the problem." An extreme example would be a situation where multiple possible contingencies exist. The most logical course of action is to find a more manageable number by eliminating contingencies. Brainstorming is intended to encourage the analyst to use their creativity to help identify contingencies and define problems. By letting the mind run free without critiquing any ideas can provide new perspectives which can cover most, if not all, potential contingencies. Dumping is the simplest method, requiring analysts to "dump" all of their ideas onto paper. Dumping requires analysts to write down ideas without critique as fast as they enter their minds. While most brainstorming methods are creative processes, testing assumptions can eliminate ideas/alternatives. When challenging ideas by breaking them down into components and testing them, ideas and their bases are validated, changed, or eliminated as unfeasible.