This chapter will provide a basic overview of the author’s Relational Equine-Partnered Counseling (REPC) approach in order to present a unified framework for practice in equine-assisted counseling and psychotherapy (EACP). The REPC model was developed by Dr. Hallie Sheade in 2013 for use in both her doctoral dissertation and in providing over 6,000 EACP sessions. The approach was developed to be integrative, with an emphasis on respecting equine sentience in facilitating the client-equine relationship. The approach is developmental, as the activities for each session are informed by progress made in the previous session and guided by the nature of the client’s relationship with the horses or other equines over time. This approach should be facilitated by a therapist and equine specialist with the addition of equines. This approach has four domains: (a) experiential, (b) relational, (c) interspecies neurobiological, and (d) spiritual. The chapter will conclude with a detailed discussion of general guidelines for the implementation of REPC.