This chapter describes the projects of the three companies that participated in the in-depth case studies: Sucromiles, Nestle and BAC. Sucromiles is a biotechnology company, producing and selling raw materials to the chemical, pharmaceutical and nutrition industry. Sucromiles supports them in the organisation of so called brigadas where people's calcium levels can be measured, thus far mostly with groups of elderly people. Nestle delivers the products to micro-distributors who then deliver the kits to the revendedoras to sell from a Nestle cart at the consumers' locations. Nestle provides various support and activities to the revendedoras, the supervisors and the micro-distributors—recruitment and retention campaigns; big events with prices; sales conventions; promotions; and selling catalogues. The strategy of BAC COM with the project is to get closer to the base of the pyramid markets and to learn from the experiences they accumulate.