This chapter deals with aberrant personality maturation in which the ego-status and ego-maturity goals of personality maturation are distorted and/or displaced by a combination of temperamentally aggressive and hedonistic tendencies and by the absence of conscience mechanisms. Compared to Reactive Maturational Failure, the developmental defect in the latter disorders is manifested by aggressive, antisocial, and often conscienceless and delinquent or criminal conduct instead of by failure to attain adult personality status. The chapter explains how and in what ways Narcissistic Personality Disorder is compatible with and expresses the conspicuous, aggressive, assertive, and arrogant personality traits and behaviors found in this disorder, and, thus, justifies its placement of antisocial personality disorders that occur in nonsatellizers. It concludes the essential nature of the delinquency problem, that is, on the primary category of variable(s) to which it inherently belongs phenomenologically, as well as etiologically and developmentally, is that basically delinquency is a moral problem.