This chapter considers more extreme and unrealistic distortions and complications of self-esteem. The tendency for anxiety and depression to occur together in the same patient has been observed by both clinicians and patients for a long time. Depression, along with anxiety, Mania, and Reactive Schizophrenic withdrawal, is one of the major psychological responses available to human beings when confronted by catastrophic stress and accompanying threats of massive collapse of self-esteem and of personality destabilization. It is hardly surprising that the so-called affective disorders are characteristically manifested by individuals whose ego development is almost entirely that of the nonsatellizer. Because of current intense interest in childhood depression issue and fluctuating views about the reality of childhood depression, some brief special attention is addressed to it. Cyclothymic Disorder is a chronic, cyclical condition related in part both to Bipolar II Disorder and to Dysthymic Disorder.