Time and space can be experienced only mutually or communally. God and omnipresence are two words for a reality that the external world lacks. Time and space are social experiences. No man can therefore know anything about times and spaces unless he participates in this mutual comportment. Because they are in the first place a product of this reciprocity. Without this reciprocity, then, he would lose consciousness, go mad, become schizophrenic. Man is challenged his whole life long to incorporate moments of time and places in space, on behalf of the whole species. This implies that he must integrate culture, nature, the world of thought, and the domain of the future within his soul. The space-time of physics is by no means eternally dead time. It is merely time that has died. And this is a difference of immense significance. All changes within every time-space structure begin with prejective time—returning to it, time after time.