Multiculturalism, framed in terms that capture the imagination of well-meaning people, has been sold as an ideal toward which all should aspire. The essence of multiculturalism is the primacy of ethnic identity, ethnic separatism, and ethnic power. Military strategist William S. Lind addresses multiculturalism, a facet of Cultural Marxism, Lind's piece is a detailed critique of policies, media misdirection, and popular culture that substitute self-destructive values and behaviors for mainstream American tradition. Some major beneficiaries of America's unique liberties use freedom counterproductively, making claims which can only weaken the very tradition which guarantees them protection. America's own children should be taught by parents to love self-reliance, liberty, community, and country in order to become the responsible guardians of America's future and freedom. Marriage between man and woman is the time-tested institution in which all Western societies and most others worldwide bear and raise children.