This chapter provides discussion on day-to-day life in the single-room occupancy (SRO) world. It examines the social life of the SRO'.s from the vantage point of those living in them. The chapter considers the process underlying social differentiation and the mechanisms which contribute to the construction and maintenance of social groups. It describes the nature of the groups and discusses their integration into the SRO community's structure. The chapter explores the social networks and other social systems which operate in the community to obtain understanding about the interconnection of the community's parts. It discusses the structures erected on the basis of sexual needs. "Normal relations" are deemed essentially nonproblematic. Higher level of organization is necessary to sustain them; homosexual relationships have greater impact on the social structure of the SRO community. The chapter focuses on the social organization and social structures found in the SRO world. It focuses on those components of SRO living which can be seen as cultural.