Understanding the risk which exists, humanity will be obliged to accept the extreme measures which must be taken in order to battle international terrorism. From a miasma of US unconcern, the next phase in international terrorism erupted with the Muslim attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) on 11 September 2001. Although LANS has received no specific confirmation of Castroite involvement in the WTC-Pentagon bombings, these with the closest Cuban contacts who have been consulted, have evinced no surprise at the question. And then, one week after the bombings, LANS received a call from the Venezuelan Institutional Military Front (FIM). Several weeks ago LANS reported that the US government was considering bringing the ambulatory Al Queda and Taliban terrorists to Guantanamo, a US military base on the Cuba of the hemispheric terrorist chief and drug boss, Ruz Castro. LANS has discussed the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City on 19 April 1995.