Latin America is so well endowed with sovereign nations, and coherency of description is aided by a system of subdivisions. The so-called "Esquipulas Accords" were allegedly to bring "peace" to Central America, an allegation which serves mainly as justification for the Professional Politician (PP) to surrender to whomever the opponent may be in hope of political advantage. All the political parties who ran candidates in the presidential elections of 7 March 1999 and/or won National Assembly seats in these elections were described in Wkly 9.11. In the elections of 1994 ARENA won 39 seats, the Farabundo Marti National Liberation (FMLN) 21; in those of 1997 ARENA won 28, the FMLN 27. The Guatemalan general elections of 8 November 1999 have been described in Wkly 8.18. With the elections of 14 October 2001 in Argentina, the predictions of the LANS correspondent in La Plata, Uruguay, were proven remarkably acute.