This chapter demonstrates a concept of fragmented integration, that is fragmented at one level—that of the US and Canada—and having a lower level under conditions of subordination, Latin America (LA). As has already been described, a US firm which has since disappeared, Airline Equipment Specialists (AES), had chartered another US firm, Fine Airlines, to transport the munitions from Argentina to Ecuador. Argentine political institutions were to be seen under terrific pressure, after which it was discovered that some twenty senators had been bribed to support a labor relations law. On 24 January 1995 Argentine president Carlos Menem, his minister of defense, his minister of economy and his foreign minister signed Decree 103/95 which authorized the shipment of arms to Venezuela. The decisions that Domingo Cavallo has imposed on the Argentine economy and his capacity for articulating accords with President De la Rua, which are acceptable to the majority of the Congress, still, however, sew serious doubts.