Ruz Castro, chief of terrorism in the Western Hemisphere and hemispheric drug boss, poses no question at all: he has been a Kremlinite in good standing since at least 1943—when he was seventeen years old—and remains such. He continues to side actively with the terrorist international whether in the Bush Axis of Evil or otherwise. The Disinformation Operation (DO) aimed at the forced "return" of young Elian Gonzalez to Cuba, brainwashing and forced indoctrination, which was to provide a rousing propaganda victory for hemispheric drug lord Castro, has been described. W. J. Clinton's own attorney, Gregory Craig, became attorney for Clinton and Castro and demonstrated remarkable capacity for commuting by private jet between Washington and Havana. There is a Hemispheric Left (HL) of Ruz Castro is boss, which contains the Sao Paulo Forum (FSP), put together by the Cuban and Brazilian Lula da Silva in the Havana of twelve years ago, and other left groupings.