The Mexican elections of 2000 were assuredly the most important in three-quarters of a century. However "undemocratic" the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) may be, Carlos Salinas's successor, President Zedillo made a series of routine efforts to reestablish Mexican sovereignty in the State of Chiapas. Only one facet of Mexican internal affairs can be dealt with in pursuing an inquiry similar to the foreign affairs inquiry, the question of the outpost which the Hemispheric Left (HL) has established in Chiapas through its Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN). Public Relations Director (PRD) boss Cuauhtemoc Cardenas has been the contact man for the Marxist Leninist (ML) terrorist EZLN. While the government of Fox inexplicably promotes a peace where there is no war, creating a smoke screen hiding the real objective of the EZLN: to take power and install "the dictatorship of the proletariat". Fox asks support of LibTheo Bishop Samuel Ruiz, EZLN supporter, in "pacifying Chiapas".