In actuality, Marxist-Leninists (ML), Fascism, and Nazism are all appropriately lumped together into the Left. In Latin America (LA) the influence of these three Left ideologies have been strong in certain nations, relevant examples of this having been encountered in Latin American Political Yearbook 1997 (YRBK97*). The 1998 presidential ticket included the presidential and two vice presidential candidates, 13 parties fielding such tickets. With all voting places canvassed the six parties are: Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC), National Liberation Party (PLN), Democratic Force Party (PFD), National Integration Party (PIN), Costa Rican Renovation Party (PRC), Democrat Party (PD), Libertarian Movement Party (PML). In the 1994 elections the PLN candidate won with slightly more of the vote, the PUSC candidate lost with 3.3 percent more of the vote. The PFD candidate remained in third place in 1998 but this time with 1.4 percent more of the vote.