The Hemispheric Left Support (HLS) is made of those allegedly "non-political" individuals and organizations who/which, wittingly or unwittingly. Firstly, furnish moral and material support to the Hemispheric Left (HL). Secondly, fabricate disinformation or exaggerate information in support of the Marxist Leninists (ML) of the HL and thirdly either fabricate or exaggerate accounts of "human rights" violations (HRV) by Latin American governments, their police and their armies. Liberation Theology (LibTheo) clerics are present in indeterminate numbers between the Rio Grande and Tierra del Fuego and continue to make substantial contributions to HL successes. The HL, the HLS and their willing associates obviously have no motive for contrived HR assaults on inefficient or undedicated military personnel who have been assigned against them. For some time the Hemispheric Left (HL) and the HL Support (HLS) have been busily fabricating "Human Rights" (HR) charges against the military which have been dutifully disseminated by various Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs), with or without malice of forethought.