As a new century begins; it is important to consider changes that are occurring in our environment, economy, and culture and to consider what those changes hold for the quality of our personal lives. Will Americans live longer and enjoy healthier lives*?- Will tomorrow's workforce spend fewer hours at work and experience a higher quality of life; or as some predict, will the children of the 1990s find it difficult to achieve the same quality of life enjoyed by their parents^ What will the American economy be like in 2025 or 2050^- What will the quality of day-to-day life be for citizens 25 or 50 years from now£ In the future, will American economic, military, and political power continue to set the standard for the worlds Most readers in considering these questions are apt to start their predictions with two words: It depends. Citizens have a long list of "it depends" statements, but most will include education as one key building block for the future: "It depends on whether American education can keep pace with a rapidly changing world."