For the ecotourism industry, travel to Indigenous Peoples' sacred sites is prosperous. From a financial perspective, Indigenous 'heart' lands and ceremonial centres make superb product for a soul-depleted consumer world. Some tourists are drawn to sacred sites because they seem timeless and enduring. Natural sacred sites like mountains offer healing from our industrialized lives. People may not understand a site's full significance; however, they welcome the respite from corporate bombardment. Such experiences go beyond lolling about and being entertained. However, many other tourists visit 'historic' sacred sites merely out of curiosity about other times and lives. Indigenous Peoples whose sacred sites are subject to industry profiteering know the real significance of these areas. There is usually a certain time in life to go and a long process to prepare. When this cultural protocol is followed, then it is possible to call on a sacred site. There are no shortcuts and there is no entrance fee.