One can argue that consumers are responsible for what they consume, so they are also responsible for the indirect resource use related to their consumption pattern. In this sense, consumers have responsibility for their water footprint and should undertake action to ensure that their water footprint is sustainable. If they would do so, producers would be forced to deliver sustainable products. One can also turn the argument around and argue that producers are responsible for delivering sustainable products. This would imply that producers should take action to make product water footprints sustainable. And investors, of course, should include considerations of sustainable water use into their investment decisions. Finally, water is a public good, so governments cannot withdraw from their responsibility to put proper regulations and incentives in place to ensure sustainable production and consumption. It will be maintained here that consumers, producers, investors and governments all have a shared responsibility. This chapter will review options available to consumers, producers, investors and governments to reduce water footprints and particularly mitigate impacts.