This book does not provide detailed information on the practicalities of sustainable refurbishment – there are many publications that already deal with this which should be used for detailed design and specifications. This chapter outlines each building element, discusses the options related to different conditions, and references the most useful guides available and where detailed information can be found. In most situations, a range of solutions can be used successfully, depending on the standards aimed at, the conditions found, the budget available, planning and visual restrictions, and social issues such as acceptable levels of household disruption. Guidance and experience has been built up

over many years in all countries and detailed information should be obtained from national bodies specializing in energy use and sustainable housing. National websites include:

www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/business/ Business/Resources/Publications-and-CaseStudies in the UK;

www.dena.de in Germany; and • https://www2.ademe.fr in France.