As mentioned multiple times, people are part of society and members of this large group of society. Under this large group, there are various small groups that people are members of. Therefore, the term “identity” appears. In short, identity refers to the relationship between individuals and small groups under the large group. The individual, whether he takes part in small groups or just takes part in clan or family, has always existed. For example, he is a national and social member of a country. He forms an identity with the country and with the society. Let us say he is also a believer and follows a religion and is a member of a microeconomic unit (an enterprise, a staff member of an institution, or an investor or a partner). He forms a relationship with the religion and microeconomic unit and later forms an identity. Identity is not formal but substantive, which means that the members have a common view of destiny for the groups that they have formed an identity with.