This article reflects on the result of the group work, carried out within the Enogastronomy curricular unit’s scope, within the Hotel Management Course of ISEC Lisboa, presented by 45 students on the traditional cuisine of the municipality of Oleiros in Portugal, during the second confinement of COVID 19. This reflection focuses on how most choices made for the driven analysis, directed by the stimuli caused by the informative reading of texts and images during students’ research, are done. The distance learning process produced exciting results in terms of the knowledge acquired by online sharing and recreations of the possible narratives of promotional discourse in the areas under analysis by each working group. We found that students’ creativity in the production of itineraries boosted by emotions, which guides us to deepen our research, in the near future, by applying an emotions scale to the ones that appreciate the imagery conveyed about traditional gastronomy. This application can enhance the safeguarding of food and gastronomy as a territory’s heritage by measuring information that can contribute to knowledge based on authentic learning, despite using technologies in its dissemination.