This article will study a religious tradition found at many German universities with evangelical Faculties of theology, namely the university worship service. Headed by a professor of theology titled University preacher (Universitätsprediger) and aimed at an academic community, the sermon has had a distinct academic focus. At Leipzig University, not only the sermon but also music has been pivotal. When the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 forced Germany into lockdown, the Leipzig University church decided to stream the worships on YouTube. I will analyze the online church services during 2020-2021. Given the academic emphasis on the university sermons and the musical heritage at the Leipzig University and its church, I will broaden the perspective and regard the whole worship service as a space of traditionality and experimentality. While the sermon is often regarded as an intellectual experience and the music as an emotional one, I view the sermon and the music and other painted, sculpted or performed art as having agency to communicate with both mind and emotions.