Results of the eradication program of the fruit fly pest Bactrocera carambolae (carambola fruit fly [CFF]) in the municipalities of Portel and Curralinho in the Marajó Archipelago, Pará, Brazil, are presented in this chapter. Fly population were monitored by using Methyl eugenol poisonous baits in a ratio of 6:1 in Jackson-type traps and, McPhail-type traps baited with three torula tablets per trap. Control methods such as insecticide bait applications, male annihilation technique (MAT), mechanical control, phytosanitary regulations, and, phytosanitary education actions were used. During the two years of activities, a total of 164 specimens, 59 males and 105 females, were captured in Curralinho from March to December of 2014. The last capture recorded in Curralinho was on May 2014. In Portel, a total of 493 specimens, 263 males and 230 females, were captured from April to December 2014. In the period from January to December 2015, 263 specimens, 138 males and 125 females, were captured. The last capture recorded in this town was on September 2015. Among the adopted practices, fruit collection and burial (mechanical control) were particularly effective and contributed significantly to the eradication of the pest.