This chapter describes the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) Professionals in Schools volunteer program, and explains how STEM volunteers can use their experience and expertise to share agricultural and entomology skills with primary schools in Canberra, Australia, to inspire and engage students to consider careers in science in general and, entomology, in particular. STEM Professionals in Schools volunteers provide a valuable resource for teachers (e.g., using the fruit fly life cycle to demonstrate parts of the Australian Biological Sciences curriculum) and increase community engagement by involving entomologists with the wider community. The students and teachers learned about the Tephritidae fruit fly life cycle, which provided an alternative to the Lepidopteran life cycle, which is usually studied as part of the Australian biological sciences curriculum. The differences between true fruit flies and Drosophilidae flies were also observed and discussed. The school community also learned methods to reduce the incidence of fruit fly infestation in their gardens using environmentally friendly techniques.