Workplace management research is a complex interdisciplinary field of study, influenced by many theories and models stemming from a wide range of disciplines. This chapter describes an attempt to integrate those theories/models into a holistic Workplace Management framework as a first step towards developing a grand Workplace Management theory. Through concept mapping, the tacit knowledge underlying each theory was made explicit in three to five statements that were sorted by 19 experts. By performing multidimensional scaling and cluster analysis, the statements were grouped into nine concepts that reflect the essence of the 19 theories within three regions of meaning: ‘Aligning organisation and workplace strategies’, ‘Creating a resilient organisation’, and ‘Creating positive workplace experience’. These regions of meaning and underlying concepts of the framework are further discussed in relation to existing workplace research. Next, research gaps are identified for further development of Workplace Management theory. At the end, implications for practice are introduced together with closing words for the entire book.