In the context of the DFG-funded project ‘Mountain Exile Hypothesis’ (FOR2358) we retrieved a 15.5 m long sediment core from Garba Guracha (GG) (Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia – BMNP) during February 2017. A 16,000 year record of 62 pollen samples has been previously produced from GG by Umer et al. (2007). In this data paper, we present a new palynological and macrocharcoal record, with 259 pollen and 1301 charcoal samples covering the last 14 ka BP. Previous versions of the charcoal and Erica pollen records can be found in Gil-Romera et al. (2019). The depth-age model for the presented record in this new manuscript can be found in Bittner et al. 2020.