The N2 Chiasso–San Gottardo Motorway in Switzerland features the global use of reinforced concrete and is a symbol of the modernisation history of Canton of Ticino in the 20th century. This paper addresses the N2’s construction history (1961–86), discussing how the networked relationships among the various actors involved in the project (institutions, engineers, builders, and regional planners) were embodied in the N2’s conception, and shaped a shared technical culture of reinforced concrete design. The studies were conducted within the FSN project ‘Architecture in Canton Ticino, 1945–1980’ (www.ticino4580.ch), which was promoted by the Archivio del Moderno. The main archival sources were the National Roads Office in Bellinzona, the Renato Colombi (head of the National Roads Office), and the Rino Tami Archives at the Archivio del Moderno.